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Bali is still one of my favorite destinations so far!  Bali was a place were it was really hot and humid so I packed a lot of light clothes. I wore a dress or romper while strolling around the city.  However, whenever visiting temples I wore elephant pants (so comfortable!), a cover up for my shoulders or a long skirt so I was properly covered up.  Bali has a belief in the Hindu culture.  Coming from a Hindu background, I already was aware of covered legs and shoulders whenever entering any temple.  I know I did not mention shorts yet but I wore them for only few occasions.  If you guys are into hiking make sure to pack hiking pants/shorts and t shirts and proper shoes! When it comes to proper shoes, I always wore my Chacos whenever doing hiking and my brown steve madan flat sandals throughout the entire trip!!  Yoga is also a big thing in Bali so make sure to pack some yoga outfit if you are planning on doing so.  

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