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Our  Story

Our travel story began in 2016 after our wedding. We were blessed to enjoy our Honeymoon in the beautiful Pacific Islands of French Polynesia. We had such a great experience traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures, we couldn't get enough. We were bitten by the travel bug and since then, we have never looked back.

After we returned home, all we could talk about was travel. We started to list all the other places we dreamed to visit. We went back to our routine, day-to-day lives, but that desire to see the world continued to grow. A desire to see more, do more, and experience anything and everything this world has to offer. From there, Heerali and I made a commitment to each other and our future selves that we will do the best we can to travel as often as possible. We adjusted our priorities, started saving, and started planning.

Next thing you know, we had decided on Peru for our next trip, and our journeys continue on....

We are not full-time travelers and have typical 9-5 jobs that define our careers. Although our career is important to us, traveling is also a priority in our lives. We travel throughout the year and it gives us a sense of balance and a home to come back to. Traveling brings positivity and a realization of how magnificent the world is. 

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