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Egypt was one the most unique and different style of clothes I had worn.  Since Egypt is a Muslim country, I wanted to respect their religion and traditions. Covering up is a must.  Especially women were always covered up with loose clothing.  Knowing this before traveling to Egypt I had packed long skirts, elephant pants, long dresses and full-length rompers. 


We had first travelled to Aswan where the locals were mostly villagers and not many women were seen on the streets.  I had worn my blush elephant pants and a tank top with a long sleeve cover-up.


We then made our way to Luxor were it was more like a small town facing the famous Nile river.  However, this time there was more women seen around the streets and the temples.  Mostly in Luxor I had worn my full length rompers, maxi dresses and my elephant pants. One tip was follow is to always have a scarf on you to cover your head or your body if needed to do so.  


After Luxor we reached Hurghada were it was more relaxed and I could wear anyting without no restrictions. This was the first place in Egypt that I worn a short dress and shorts!  This was a good balance of having some ease of what to wear.


Our final stop was Cairo where the wonder of the world lived.  In Cairo it was a very busy city with lots of people around.  Cairo has a lot of pollution and dust so I usually had my scarf to cover my head and face.  In Cairo I wore rompers and my elephant pants.  

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