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Greece I would say was one of my favorite destinations where I could dress light with no restrictions. I had packed away a lot of dresses, rompers, crop tops, bathing suits, jeans and shorts.  


Location: Santorini

The season we were there the weather was chilly at times especially at night.   I usually wore jeans and a cute crop top with a light jacket to carry around just in case. In Oia I wore this beautiful purple dress to take some pretty shots across.


Location: Mykonos

The weather was much warmer and wore a lot of dresses!   There was also a beach there so be sure to pack that away. I love this bathing suit from Tillys.   


Location: Athens

The weather in Athens was the hottest out of all of them so wearing rompers was the way to go especially during the tours at daytime. I wore this purple lacey dress as our last dinner in Greece.  I love this dress from Guess and love the style and fitting.


Overall packing for this trip is easy with a lot of cute outfits without no cultural dress restrictions. Except do keep in mind wearing heels is a big NO NO at the islands of Greece (esp. Mykonos) due to not damaging the beautiful white streets. 

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