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Peru’s weather is in the colder climate so I had to prepare my bag with lots of sweaters and jackets. We had arrived in Lima, Peru first and the weather was warmer so wearing a light sweater and jeans with booties was a perfect day out.  For the evening it got a little chilly so I wore this Aztec looking dress to fit the theme of Peru (loved it!).


Location: Aguas Calientes

The weather is cooler due to the altitude, I wore my north face jacket to keep me warm


Location: Cusco, Peru

The weather was also very cold there so wearing sweaters and long pants was the way to go!  


Overall I advise to bring warm clothes that can be worn.  A cute leather jacket with thermal inside would be perfect for a night out. If you are planning to hike (like we did), bring your hiking pants, gloves, hats, scarves and your handy north face jacket to keep you tucked in.  Before going on this trip my biggest purchase was my north face jacket and warm thermal socks (loved these!!).

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