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Hotel Zena - November 2020

To escape from the daily grid, we planned a staycation in one of our favorite local cities, Washington D.C. We enjoyed two nights at the newly renovated and reopened Hotel Zena located off of 14th street in downtown D.C.

The beauty of Hotel Zena is its pride and empowerment of strong and influential women from all walks of life. This is apparent from the moment you lay eyes on the hotel. Outside, a beautiful, towering mural depicting two strong warrior women await to greet you. As you explore the interior, no shortage of female strength can be seen.

During our stay, we enjoyed the Zena Circle View King Suite which overlooked Thomas Circle. The theme of empowerment continued throughout the rooms. With this hotel being newly renovated, it has all the bells and whistles of a modern luxury hotel. Smart USB outlets to plug in electronics, a google hub, and modern electronics and appliances throughout the suite.

The lobby host the modern restaurant FigLeaf Bar & Lounge which serves delicious food and cocktails throughout the day. The lounge area has plenty of activities to enjoy.

Hotel Zena also has a rooftop pool and bar as well as a modern gym. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, these facilities were closed during our stay.

We had a great and relaxing stay at Hotel Zena during our staycation. Its ideal location off of 14th street was also ideal to enjoy the many restaurants, bars, and nightlife that D.C. has to offer.

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