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Jordan - June 2021


Day 1:

Our journey started from Dulles to Doha to Amman Jordan. This has been a bucket list trip for Heerali and we both were really excited as it was our first international trip post COVID.

We reached Jordan in the nighttime in Amman. We got our rental car and then drove to the W hotel in Amman. We checked into our room and got surprised with drinks and a snack and a corner suite room. It was late and relaxed the night in after a long day of traveling.

Day 2:

We slept in due to the time difference (7 hours forward) and had missed the breakfast. We had an early breakfast. We then had a chance to meet the marketing manager: Serene. The hotel is beautiful with an artistic edge to it. One of the most unique parts of the hotel is the Sik entrance through an intriguing canyon walk, which is a breathtaking recreation of the ancient city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We then decided to walk around the city and go venture around the mall. It was impressive and very modernized. We then ended the night with some dinner on the rooftop at the W Amman and it was delicious. The ambience was great at the W Amman along with the city view. Watching the sunset go down was beautiful. This was a great way to start out trip In Jordan and were excited to start exploring tomorrow.

Day 3:

We woke up before sunrise to take some photos and then had some delicious breakfast. We then decided to drive to our first location in Jordan. it took us nearly 2 hours to get there since driving in Amman is not very easy. We reached there around 11am and it was already very hot. We hiked up to the sites and temples and took some photos but got very hot as time went on. We decided to head back and relax the afternoon in. We relaxed by the poolside. We then got ready for dinner again on the rooftop at the W Amman and enjoyed the night away.

Day 4:

Today we got up very early to get to the Citadel before it got too warm in the day. The temple of Hercules was unique it looked very beautiful on top with a grand view of Amman Jordan. There was also a mosque there and it was just a great spot to come see the city from above. We would highly recommend coming during sunset.

We then returned back to the W Amman and packed up to get ready for our road trip to Petra. This drive was around 3 hours. Driving in Amman can be difficult but once out of the city it is an easy ride. We reached Movenpick NCB right before sunset and it was a beautiful traditional castle hotel that gave a majestic view of Petra. They had prepared for us some delicious traditional food and we enjoyed the dinner with the view of Petra. This place is just so beautiful that today really felt like we were here in Jordan enjoying the deep culture. We enjoyed the night away and decided to call it an early night to discover Petra in the morning.

Day 5:

We had a bright and early start and made our way to meet our tour guide. He greeted us in the parking lot, and we had started our trek into Petra. We did a hike that was over 3 miles and we deep into Petra and discovered unique parts of it. We then decided to hike it to the top to get the view looking down at the Treasury. The view from the top was just eye opening. This wonder of the world was a dream and high on our bucket list. It was even better seeing it in person. We then hiked down after a long day of trekking we finally walked through the sik and saw the Treasury. This wonder of the world has not enough words to describe it. We decided to walk back after a long day and headed back to Movenpick. We rested the afternoon and had a lovely dinner with the sunset over Petra. The cool thing was that we got to see how Jordanians cook their meat and vegetables underground. The food is very fresh and good and worth the wait.

Day 6:

Today we decided to wake up very early around 4am to catch the sunrise and to capture some great shots of the Treasury. There is something very interesting about walking through the Sik and then suddenly walking towards this iconic wonder of the world. We got to experience this place with no one there and got some great shots. We even got a chance to ride the camel and enjoy the place in peace. This is one of our favorite wonders of the world and will always hold a special place in our hearts. After the wonderful morning we hiked back to the entrance and made it back to Movenpick and did some hotel content for them. We also got a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful Movenpick. Everyone in Jordan has been so welcoming and you feel like family to them. We had an early dinner so we could go meet up with our guide and see his hotel and meet his family. He welcomed us with tea, and we sat around the fire talking the night away. The next day we have one more adventure in Petra and we cannot wait to see this one.

Day 7:

We woke up early for another adventure with our guide. We met him at the entrance of Petra. The first part of the adventure was in a 4x4. It was a bumpy ride going off roading into Petra. When we got to a stopping, the hike around 1.5 miles one way. It was a steep incline up and once we reached the Monastery it was worth it all. There are several ways you can reach this temple since it is deep in. Hiking it takes few hours and many steps to climb up. Also, coming up on a donkey and finally doing a 4x4 halfway, Whichever way you choose it is worth it. The nice thing about this monastery is that it is tucked away and not as touristy. After we spent half our day there, we decided to head back to Movenpick and relax the rest of the day. It was our last sunset dinner, and it was wonderful.

Day 8:

We woke up early ready for our next adventure to Wadi Rum. It was a 3-hour drive there. We reached our campsite called Suncity and it was amazing. The campsite was very well done, and the domes were nicely furnished and great views of Wadi Rum. The convenient thing about this campsite was that it is accessible by car, and you can park there. We relaxed the afternoon since it was very very hot. We walked to dinner and the food was a buffet style and it was delicious. After dinner we star gazed, and it was really fascinating to see the sky full of stars. This place felt like you were on mars. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Day 9:

We woke up before sunrise to capture some great shots and to enjoy the morning, we just had some delicious buffet style breakfast. There is a vast option of choices and an omlette station. We then relaxed and had some Jordanian tea. The afternoons get very hot, so the best thing is to is rest. We then had a camel tour for sunset. This camel tour was by far the best one yet. The way the Jordanians take care of the camel and constantly giving love made us happy. Being in the middle of the desert on a camel with a beautiful sunset is a dream. Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful places and it must be seen in person. After the sunset tour we went to dinner and enjoyed the traditional style food. We then went to a star gazing event where they explain the stars and have telescopes to look through. This was kindly set up by Suncity. All the tours are set up by Suncity and they provide some great choices.

Day 10:

Our last full day in Wadi Rum so we once again woke up bright and early. The sunrise is beautiful every morning, We had an early tour (sunrise) so we had to up very early. We then had some breakfast and relaxed the afternoon away, Also, since we work with hotels, we had some content that we had to create in the meantime. In addition, for the sunset we had another jeep tour and we visited many sites. We have a very heart felt story from this day. During the sunset tour we did not realize that Milan’s phone had fell in the sand and we had realized later as it was getting closer to sunset. We enjoyed the sunset and then drove to one of the locations we thought that may have dropped there, as we were driving, we saw a light blinking from the sand, and it was Milan’s phone. What a miracle out in the middle of Wadi Rum we had found it and the flashlight was on. Then we stopped by a Bedouin tent since we were right there, and he invited us for tea and was very welcoming. We enjoyed the most beautiful sunset there and did not realize this day would turn out as great as this. This story is very heartwarming to us and never forgotten.

Day 11:

We woke up bright and early to check out and head towards the Dead Sea. This was about a 3-hour drive as well. We reached the Dead Sea and checked into Kempinski Ishtar which has been a bucket list for both of us. We were also collaborating with the hotel and were honored. We checked into our room which was a villa style with a private pool access. The resort also included inclusive food. So, we enjoyed the food and the views. There were plentiful of pools, and it was perfect was the hot afternoons. We relaxed at the pool and then got ready for dinner at their newly opened restaurant called: It was delicious with a great ambience and view. We then enjoyed the resort and relaxed the night in. The service and food and accommodation was five star and definitely a place to come experience the stay at Dead Sea. There is a private access to Dead Sea so not open to the public and only open to hotel guests.

Day 12:

We woke up at sunrise to enjoy the morning and to take some photos as well. This resort is huge and there are many different pools, restaurant, and streets that you can enjoy for yourself. We had some delicious breakfast overlooking the Dead Sea. The buffet was delicious and one of the best yet. We then relaxed the afternoon at the pool overlooking the Dead Sea. This resort is hard to leave there is so much do and just the whole design of the place digs you in. Towards dinner we decided to go catch the sunset at the Dead Sea and it was breathtaking. Then we headed to dinner which was a French Cuisine. After dinner we relaxed the night away and enjoyed our villa balcony overlooking the beautiful Kempinski Ishtar

Day 13:

We woke up early to enjoy the sunrise. There is something special about the sunrises here in Jordan. We then started our day of with some breakfast and then relaxing at the pool. Today we decided to go experience the Dead Sea. The whole process is very interesting, you first have to go into the Dead Sea and get your body wet. Then you apply mud on your skin and wait for 15 minutes. Then you go into the Dead Sea and float on your back. This experience is really cool, and all that salt makes you naturally float up. The mud is then washed off and your skin feels so soft and relaxed. We enjoyed the sunset while floating in the Dead Sea. We then attended a dinner and show they have during the weekend, and it was the traditional Jordanian dance. It was beautifully done. Food and drinks were served while enjoying the show. This was a great last night at the Kempinski Ishtar.

Day 14:

Sadly, today was our last day in Jordan before heading to the airport tonight. We decided to stay longer at the Kempinski Ishtar and enjoy the pool and resort. We just relaxed the whole day and got ready to head to the airport. The airport was about 1 hour away, and we dropped off our car and reached the airport on time. The time we had spent in Jordan has been so memorable and we already mentioned we would like to come back in the future. The hospitality and all experiences we had is worth the visit again.

(Amman to Doha to Dulles)

This trip is a dream come true and we plan to go back in the future. So if your looking for a more trip full of adventure and ancient culture this is the place to go. Make sure to keep following our journey @passport4two.


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