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Review: NaSaDen Luxury Luggage Set

Along our travel journies, we've learned that a high-quality luggage set is not only important but a necessity. Early on, to save money, we bought a low-budget but luggage set, which at the time, we believed would be sufficient. Safe to say, they did not last long. With cracked outer shells, wobbly wheels, and broken zippers, we quickly realized we needed to invest in a high-quality suitcase set to protect our belongings.

This is where NaSaDen comes into save the day! A beautiful lightweight, durable, and free-wheeling suitcase. We had an upcoming staycation in Washington D.C. This was the perfect opportunity to try out our new luggage set.

We selected the Schloss Sanssouci Check-in & Carry On Luggage Set in all black. Straight out of the box, these suitcases are absolutely beautiful on the outside and so spacious on the inside! Let's talk about some of the highlights and features.


Lightweight and Durability

This luggage set is made out of ABS+PC material which keeps it very lightweight. That was the first thing we noticed when we removed it from the shipping box. But like other hardshell suitcases, you will quickly note mild scuffing after use. The wide handle on the 29" is strong and durable when moving, a must-have when lugging +50lbs around.

360 Degrees of FREEDOM!

What we love the most are the free-flowing 360-degree spinner wheels. Even with the suitcase packed to the brim, we were able to move and transport the case with ease. No jiggly or squeaky wheels here!


Built-in, right onto the side of the suitcase is a 3-dial TSA approved Dual Combo Lock System. The zippers and stitching are flexible yet tough. A little bend but no break!


All the pockets you need to keep things organized. When you have the bag open and laying flat, both sides have garment restraints straps and zippered compartments. Multiple interior pockets to keep everything nice and organized.


Overall Thoughts

We truly enjoyed taking our NaSaDen Luggage Set for a spin during our staycation. It held up well and we believe it has true potential. The true test is yet to come when international travel is an option. We tend to be very gentle with our own equipment but when it is in the hands of others is when it will be put through its paces. Yet, we are confident it will hold up well and look forward to using it future on our next international trip. If you are looking to invest in a high-quality luggage set, strongly consider NaSaDen as an option!



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1 Comment

Jan 06, 2021

That 360° freedom is so nice isn’t it?!

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