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Reinebringen Hike - Reine, Norway - September 2022

The hike to the top of Reinebringen is not a forgiving one but you are immensely rewarded when you make it to the top. From there, you are get a view looking down onto the small isle town of Reine nestled between the might fjords in the backdrop and the icy Nordic Sea. So if you think the journey is worth the reward, read on!

There are two small parking lots as options to reach Reinebringen Trailhead. Both are noted on the map below. Parking lot 1 is closer to trailhead, closer to the town and smaller so finding a parking spot here can be difficult. Parking lot 2 is further away and bigger in comparison to parking lot 1 so your changes are higher.



We ended up getting a spot at parking lot 2 as noted in the map below. From here it was nearly a mile walk to the trailhead. The trailhead is located on top of tunnel. You can access it by taking the side path to reach it. Once there, you will see a sign reading “Reinebringen” you know you are in the right place.

From here, your journey begins. 1978 steps uphill and unfortunately, it gets harder and steeper the higher you get. Now don’t let this scare you, it is absolutely doable. You have to find your own pace and tempo and sure enough you will be rewarded.

For us, the hike round trip took roughly 2.5 hours. That does not include the time we spent at the time. The day we did the hike, there was light rain throughout and windy. The steps were slippery so we were additionally cautions going up and down. Make sure to take plenty of water and snacks for the journey ahead. A solid pair of hiking/trail shoes are a must as well.

Like I mentioned, the first half is the easier half of the climb the steps are larger and the incline more gradual. You will come to a point where you will notice the steps are taller and the incline more steep. You can mark this as the half way point of the journey.

Once you start it is one step after another until you reach the top. It is a straight forward hike. No way to get lost or turned around unless you decide to.

Once you reach the top you are rewarded with an amazing view or the town of Reine that is breathtaking. It’s worth taking your time and enjoying the view for the hard work you just put in.

Once you are ready to head back, get ready for 1978 steps to reach the bottom. Going down is definitely easier then going up, so the hard part of the journey is over. We made it back to our parking lot and unloaded and relaxed.

The journey is absolutely worth the pay off at the end. If your going to visit Reine, Norway and you are the adventurous type, this hike is a must do for your visit!


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