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Bosnia & Herzegovina - October 2019

DAY 0: A day full of travel. Our First flight took off from BWI Airport with connections to Montreal, Canada, followed by Munich, Germany, and lastly to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Once we landed, we converted some money the local currency known as the Kuna, got a local SIM card, and picked up our rental car. The start of our journey took us into a southern neighboring country, Montenegro. After Montenegro, we made our way back into Croatia. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a day detour we added within our Adriatic adventure. After leaving Dubrovnik, we journeyed to Mostar, Bosnia.

DAY 5: MOSTAR Probably the least expected country we have visited in our journeys but one we humbly enjoyed. One of the most famous cities to visit is Mostar. Well known at this time in history for the famous Stari Most bridge over the Neretva River. Stari Most is a rebuilt “Old Bridge” that once stood for 427 years. It was destroyed in 1993 during the Croat-Bosniak War. The now standing bridge is an exact replica of the previous and re-opened in 2004. Famous for its architectural design, Star Most is now popular as a dive/jump site into the river below. Enthusiast from all around the world come to Mostar to dive from the bridge.

After spending the morning at the old bridge, we wandered the streets of the old town. Plenty of local shops, Restaurants, and Gelato to enjoy. If you plans are to only visit Mostar, 1 day is enough time to enjoy your time.

Plan was to drive back to the Croatian coast and drive up the Dalmatian Coast. This is a beautiful, scenic coastal drive. Our next destination was the city of Split, Croatia. We took our time along this drive as the views were absolutely breathtaking. Along the way you will find plenty of open beaches you can stop at and enjoy a swim in the Adriatic Sea.

TIP: If you see cars randomly pulled over at the side of the road but no people around, there is probably a hidden beach around somewhere. Look for a trail and follow it down. You will find endless beaches along the coast.

A dive that should have taken 2-3 hours max ended up taking 5-6 hours due to the number of stops we made. We finally made it to our AirB&B in Split, Croatia late at night. We had a late dinner and called it a night. Continue our Adriatic adventure in Croatia.


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