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Hattvika Lodge - Norway 2022

The beauty of Hattvika Lodge is its authenticity and heritage. Formally a group of old-timey fisherman cottages originating from the 1870's, Hattvika Lodge provides an authentic fisherman's feel in a highly modern facility. Located off the beaten path in Ballstad, Norway. This gem is easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. No flashy hotel/lodge signs, it blends in seamlessly to the surround fisherman village, and that is exactly the charm of Hattvika Lodge.






The check in process at hattvika is simple but initially a bit confusing. When you first pull into the property, you only see a small red shed to the right and a location for EV parking. Initially we went up to this shed but quickly realized this isn't the right location. You have to drive down the hill to the right where you will see a modern structure, that is your location. Even when you first walk in, you don't get the sense of checking in at the location as it is a restaurant and the front desk has a cash register and a bar behind it.

We spoke with the concierge up front who notified us that we were in the right location. She checked us off the guest list and handed us our keys. Afterwards she kindly walked us over to our "Seaside Suite" taking us the scenic route across the pier and showing us the inner Fishermans harbor. We soon arrived to our suite to settle in.



Hattvika Lodge offers a verity of rooms, from luxurious 1 bedroom Hillside rooms for 2 to multi-room multi-family apartment homes for 6-8 people.

We stayed one of their "Seaside Suites" which was recently renovated and completed in early 2022. The outside is remnants of the old fisherman cottage from the 1800 but the inside is pure modern Norwegian luxury.

When you first walk in, we had a kitchen and dining area to the left. The kitchen area provided a microwave, coffee maker, glassware and utensils. A sink, some cabinets and a mini fridge for storage. No oven or stove-top.

Next to the kitchen is a small dining area for 2 people. 2 chairs and a table top.

They also provided a JBL bluetooth speaker to connect your phone and play some music.

Norway opperates on 230V supply voltage at 50Hz. You will need a type C, E, or F adapter.

Most modern electronics like laptops, cellphone, tablets, smart watches can handle 100-240V. So you typically only need an adapter, not a power converter. Just be careful about high electrical appliances like hair dryers, straightens, etc.

The bathroom is pure modern luxury. A free standing tub, standing shower and floating vanity. A touch operated mirror providing rim lighting. Oh and did I mention the floors are heated! That is a nice touch!

One side of the bedroom provides a comfortable queen size bed with two individual duvet blankets that are will keep your warm at night. The other side has an oversized couch you can sink into as well as a leather chair for a single person.

Some reading material of the Lofoten Islands is also provided.

All the artwork inside the cottage is commissioned/purchased by local photographers.

The backdoor will take you onto the patio on the back where we had a view of the fisherman's inner harbor. The water is so still, you get a glass reflection. The "Seaside Suites" also has a semi-private hot-tub




A small yet hardy breakfast was included with our stay. Everything is locally sourced. You cannot get more “farm-to-table” than this. Assortments of bread, Fresh scrambled eggs, selection of meats and cheeses, local yogurts and fruits. Fresh pots of coffee, tea and juices also available. They also have a brown cheese, which we were told is a Norwegian specialty. The sugar is fermented during the process which gives it the brown color. All this enjoyed in front of large floor to ceiling windows in the inner fishermans harbor.

FAUST Restaurant

Hattvika Lodge prides itself on its fine Norwegian cuisine and winery. At the Faust restaurant you can enjoy up to a 7 course meal or dishes a-la carte. There are many dining options available. The also have an extensive wine menu to be enjoyed. Dinner is available from 6-8pm. The bar is open until 10pm.


We noted two hot-tubs on property. One which was part of our Seaside Suite and another which comes with the larger apartment style room. The hot-tubs are warm and well maintained and it was a pleasant soak during a cool-crisp Nordic nights.


We noted a sauna/steam-room on property as well. This was also associated with the larger apparent style room. We weren’t able to experience it but just of note that there is one on property.

EV Chargers

Norway as a country in general is very eco conscious. You will typically see more EV cars on the road. More opportunity to recycle and eco-friendly produces. Hattvika Lodge has a designated parking area for EV charging if needed.

Kayak and Paddle Boards

You have to option to rent Kayaks and Paddle Boards at Hattvika lodge. We took a kayak out into the inner harbor the experience the property by water but that was as far as we were willing to venture. You have to option to leave the harbor and enter the open waters but we did not want to chance it. Especially with the cold arctic waters.



We had an amazing stay at Hattvika Lodge. Nestled deep within Ballstad, Norway in a quant fisherman village you truly get a unique experience. It’s quiet, private and luxurious in its own right. Ideal location to call home for a few nights if your are visiting the Lofoten Islands as it located centrally among all the isles here. Hattvika Lodge should be a top choice if you are planning to visit.


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