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Sky View Dubai

Sky Views Dubai is one of the newest attractions in the heart of Dubai, UAE. Located at "The Address Hotel", Sky Views Dubai provides 3 amazing heart stopping experiences for the brave of heart for whom height is not a phobia.

Here you can experience a "Glass Walkway" 52 stores above Dubai, an external "Glass Slide" where riders enter on the 53rd story and exit on the 52nd, and finally and "Edge Walk" where you can strap your self into a harness and hand over the buildings edge 53 stores above!

Reaching the Sky Views level is an experience in itself. From the ground level you take an external glass elevator up to the observation level.


You will exit the elevator at the 53rd floor. Here you have two options doing the "Glass Slide" or taking a set of stars down the 52nd floor to experience the "Glass Walkway"

Each ticket allows for 1 ride down the Glass Slide. You can purchase more rides if you want to repeat the experience.

For the Glass Walkway, you have unlimited time to enjoy the view.

The third thrill seeking option is the Edge Walk, we opted out for this adventure only due to the cost per person. If you decide to do the "Edge Walk", you are strapped into a safety harness and are able to walk out over the 53rd floor ledge.


During our trip (April 2022), an adult ticket cost AED 85($23 USD) and a child ticket cost AED 70($19 USD). This cost includes access to both the Glass Slide and Glass Walkway.

The Edge Walk cost AED 714($194 USD) per person.

You can book your tickets for these Sky Views adventures here


Located inside "The Address" Hotel and Residence in downtown Dubai.


Sky Views Dubai is a great experience. You get a beautiful panoramic view of the heart of Dubai right across from the Burj Khalifa and a great way to experience the city from a bird eye perspective. The Glass Slide and Glass Walk are an enjoyable experience although you can only do the slide once per ticket. The Edge Walk would be a thrilling activity but the cost per person did not seem reasonable for the experience.

Would recommend doing the "Glass Slide" and "Glass Walk" and I am sure the "Edge Walk" would be exciting as well.


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