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Trolltunga Hike - Day 2 - September 2022

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The following morning we woke early to the sunrise. Our guide was already up and at it preparing breakfast for us. After breakfast we started on our way to Trolltunga. From our eco-dome, it was an addition 1.5miles. As we started we noted that many others had already started the hike early in the AM and making their way there as well.

Luckily, the weather this AM was much clearer for the hike ahead.

Soon we had finally made it to our destination, Trolltunga!

We definitely took our time and enjoyed the view as we had worked so hard to get here!

After spending over an hour at the viewpoint, it was time to head back. Not only to our eco-dome but back to basecamp 14km away. So we started the journey back.

The hike back was full of ups and downs, not just terrain wise but physically and emotionally. There were time when the weather was clear and sunny and you are removing layers and other times when it starts to downpour and you are begging the rain to stop. It was definitely a rollercoaster of an experience but one that was absolutely memorable for all the good and the bad.

We returned back to basecamp and we all crashed. Before we said goodbye and went on our separate ways. We took one last photo to remember our journey.

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